Converting the binary RPM package to DEB

However unelegant it may seem, this is currently the easiest way to get SWI-Prolog and JPL up and running on a Debian-based distribution. You can either download and convert the RPM yourself, or grab the ready DEB package.



Get it here: 5.6.54

Issues with new versions

There indeed seems to be an issue with post-5.6.54 RPMs. The alien command uses the following commands to extract a RPM file (intentionally broken into two commands with intermediate file):

  • rpm2cpio file.rpm > file.cpio (to convert from rpm to cpio)
  • cat file.cpio | cpio –extract –make-directories –no-absolute-filenames –preserve-modification-time (to extract the cpio file)

It seems that the Ubuntu rpm2cpio version can't handle the new RPM files properly – we're currently investigating this issue. More about CPIO can be found here.

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