HeKatE Vacation Design

Eliasz Kańtoch, Tomasz Michalski

This case analysis is based on hekate process.



Vacation is a system which counts the number of vacation days. The number of vacations days depends on age and the number of working years.

Example comes from OpenRules



  • Number of working years – the sum of all working years of all employers.
  • Age – age of employee

Original Rules


Model design starts from attribute that indicates all system. In this case it is attribute VacationDays. On the level 1 it is finalized into three physical attributes age, service, days. In the following division is made and the relation between attributes is showed. Level 3 is the last level of ARD diagrams.

The system which counts vacation days was designed in one XTT table.

Conceptual design

General Conceptual Design

Directed Conceptual Design

Full ARD Model

The VARDA representation is in this case as follows: vacation-model.pl

ARD model in XML: vacation-ard.xml

The full hierarchical diagram generated by HQed M6_6 :

Generated by VARDA M_3:

The lowest level diagram is

dot file: vacation_modelard.dot
The TPH for this model is

dot file: vacation_modeltph.dot

System design by HJEd M3:

ARD diagram:

The TPH for this model is

Refined Conceptual Design

Physical Attribute Specification

Name Type Range Description
age integer [0, inf) age
service integer [0, inf) years of work
days integer [0, inf) number of free days


XTT prototype generated by VARDA:

Logical design

Design made by HQed M6_6

xttml model: vacation_model.xttml

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