The HeKatE Case HELLO

Eliasz Kańtoch, Tomasz Michalski

This case analysis is based on hekate process.




The aim of the system is to tell greetings based on the time of day and customer's attributes.



  • Greeting is a text that consists of salutation and title of the person.
  • Salutation is one of the following: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night.
  • Title of person is based on status of the person.
  • Status are age,martial status and gender.
  • Gender – male or female
  • Martial status – married and single

Original Rules

Rule: 1   
if     the hour is 'between 0 and 11' 
then   greeting is 'Good morning'

Rule: 2   
if     the hour is 'between 12 and 17' 
then   greeting is 'Good afternoon'

Rule: 3   
if     the hour is 'between 18 and 22' 
then   greeting is 'Good evening'

Rule: 4   
if     the hour is 'between 23 and 24' 
then   greeting is 'Good night'

Rule: 5   
if     the gender is female 
and    marital status is married
then   title is 'Mrs'

Rule: 6   
if     the gender is female 
and    marital status is single
then   title is 'Ms'

Rule: 7   
if     the gender is male 
then   title is 'Mr'

Rule: 9   
if     the gender is female 
and    marital status is single
and    age < 10
then   title is 'Little'


Input danta: hour, gender, martial_status and age. Output data: combination salutation with title.

Buiding ARD model starts from level 0 and attribute HelloSystem. Attribute is finalized into two attributes Greeting and Salutation and one physical attribute invitation. Next step is to show relation between attributes that were created. Attribute invitation is the input to the system it depends on two attributes. On the level 4 there is finalization Salutation into four phisical attributes gender, martial_status, salutation_text and age. On the next level Greeting is finalized to hour and greeting_text. Level six is the last level, where there are all dependences.

Conceptual design

General Conceptual Design

Directed Conceptual Design

Full Optimized Design

Full ARD Model

Diagram genereted with HQEd M6_6:

The full hierarchical diagram is presented below:

Diagrams design in VARADA M_3 :

ARD model was designed using Varda M_3:

dot file:

The TPH for this model is:

dot file:

TPH and ARD combined:

ARD model desiged with HJEd :

The TPH for this model is:

Refined Conceptual Design

Physical Attribute Specification


XTT prototype generated by VARDA:

Logical design

Design made by HQed M6_6

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