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Health care is a system which count the dose of medicaments which shoud take the patient. Calculation of dose is base on age, allergic and level of different factors in patient organism. Example comes from page OpenRules



  • Patient - Person to be treated
  • Diagnose – Diagnose made by doctor.
  • Allergic – allergic to medicaments
  • Medicament – Środek zapisany przez lekarza.
  • Dose leku – The amount of medicament taken by patient

Original Rules

HealthCare HealthCareRules.xls

creatinineClearance = (140 - age) * weight / (creatinineLevel * 72)


In this example the system counts the dose of medicaments for people with Acute Sinusitis. First of all the system based on patient age and allergic to penicillin chooses one out of tree types of medicaments. Secondly, based on age and two factors the dose of medicaments is calculated. One factor is input data while second is calculated based on selected rule.

In this example it is possible to distinguish two independent subsystems. One chooses type of medicaments, second sets medicaments dosing. The type of medicaments doesn't influence dosing.
Model design was started from attribut HealthCare. Next it is finalized into two attributes Medication and CreatinineClearance and two physical attributes: creatinineLevel i dose

Dose attribute is system output that is why on level 2 there is a division that indicates dependence from other attributes. The following step is block division with tree attributes and showing relation among them. On the level 4 there are new physical attributes diagnosis, age, allergic, medication. They replace attribute Medication. On the level 5 there is finalization of CreatinineClearance into two phisical attributes: CreatinineClearance and weight. During this transition the attribute devision in made. medication depends on diagnosis, age and allergic.

The last level 6 finishes ARD diagrams. On this level the attributes are separated. All elements of the equation: weight, age and creatinineLevel enters creatinineClearance

Conceptual design

General Conceptual Design

Directed Conceptual Design

Full ARD Model

Diagrams design in VARADA:

The full hierarchical diagram is presented below:

Level 0:

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:

ARD diagram:

dot file:

TPH diagram:

dot file:

The full hierarchical diagram generated by HQed:

Refined Conceptual Design

Physical Attribute Specification



XTT diagram generated by VARDA:

Logical design

Design made by HQed

xttml model: health.xttml

hml_file: health_modelv1.1.xttml

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