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Lab instruction

  • Login as: student, passw: studentstudent
  • Try to acquaint with the page structure.
  • Add a page to the Student category that contains the semantic information about you:
    • Name (first + last name)
    • Age
    • Group (choose one)
My name is Example student. I am 12 years old.
Currently I study at UST, faculty of electrical engineering.
I belong to :group 1. The other members of my group are:
  • Add a page to the University subject category that contains the following properties:
    • lead by
    • room
    • duration
lead by: [[lead by::prof Zielinski]]
room: [[room::C2 100]]
duration: [[duration::90]] min
  1. Using the inline queries add to your page the list of the students that are a members of your group.
  2. Create a Concept that selects all the pages from the Schedule category that contain the schedule for your group.
  3. Using the created concept display the table with two columns: day, University subject. The table should contain 5 rows (one per day) and the list of the subjects for each day.
  4. Change the caption of the University subject column to Subject.
  5. Sort the table with the Day column.
  6. Export your page to RDF using Special:ExportRDF page.
  7. Create the necessary queries from the points 1., 3., 4., 5., 6. with the help of Special:Ask page.


  • What is the difference between classical wikis a semantic ones?
  • What are the semantic annotations?
  • Does the Semantic Media Wiki support category hierarchy?
  • How to create a subcategory?
  • How to create a subproperty?

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Z braku lepszego miejsca tutaj studenci wpisują komentarze natury ogólnej do tego lab. 8-)

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