Before the lab

Control questions

  • what is Ontology?
  • what is an ontology?
  • what are the ontologies for?
  • what are the main components of an ontology?
  • what are Description Logics?
  • What are the consequences of OWL being grouned in DL?
  • What is Closed World Assumption, what Open World Assumption? Which is valid in OWL?
  • what are the reasoning tasks for a DL ontology?

Lab instruction

Understanding OWL

  • We will use Protégé, an ontology editor, version 3.4.4./4.1.alpha.
  • We will learn OWL characteristics on the Pizza ontology example.
  • Download the pizza menu and pizza toppings cards. Think how to group pizza toppings (ingredients) into categories (e.g MeatTopping, CheeseTopping, VegetableTopping etc.) (FIXME PDFs! descriptions in examples do not match protege menus!)
  • You are supposed to make the instructions with assistance of Protege OWL tutorial.

While doing the exercise, make sure you understand:

  1. Components of OWL ontology:
    • individuals
    • properties
    • classes
  2. Classes: basic building blocks
    • Named Class
    • Intersection classes
    • Union classes
    • Complement classes
    • Restrictions
      • Universal restrictions
      • Existential restrictions
    • Enumerated classes
  3. Reasoning services:
    • Subsumption testing
    • Equivalence testing
    • Consistency testing
    • Instantiation testing

A Practical Introduction to Ontologies and OWL

  • Run Protégé: Log in to charon, open terminal and type

Using OWL

  • Design an OWL ontology in Protege. It can be a domain ontology (e.g. University) or a task ontology( e.g. Travelling)
    • use various OWL DL constructs (see Piza example)
    • check the ontology consistency
    • infer new instances


If you want to know more


Z braku lepszego miejsca tutaj studenci wpisują komentarze natury ogólnej do tego lab. 8-)

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