Attribute Specification


booleannumeric{0; 1}- 1 0 boolean
integernumeric[-2147483648; 2147483647]
- 10 0 integer
defaultsymbolicnoneyes - -
profilesymbolic{New; Bronze; Silver; Gold; Platinum}yes - - one of the possible customer status
productssymbolic{Checking Account; Overdraft Protection; Saving Account; CD with 25 basis point increase; CD with 50 basis point increase; Brokerage Account; Money Market Mutual Fund; Mortgage Loan; Home Equity Loan; Car Loan; Credit Card; Credit Card with no annual fee; Debit/ATM Card; Web Banking; Web Banking with no charge}no - - products offered by the bank
amountnumeric[-1000000000.00; 1000000000.00]
- 12 2 amount of money
datenumeric[19700101; 20991231]
- 8 0 date


ClientCharacteristicssimpledefaultinput/output - Clie1 General characteristics of the client
ClientProfilesimpledefaultinput/output - Clie2 Profile of the client
OfferedProductssimpledefaultinput/output - Offe1 Offer of the bank
UpSellsimpledefaultinput/output - UpSe1 UpSell CASE
balancesimpleamountinput - balana customer's account balance
profilesimpleprofileinput/output - profone of the possible customer status
registerDatesimpledateinput - regi1the date of registering the client as a customer
offeredProductsgeneralproductsoutput - off1products offered by the bank to the customer
productsgeneralproductsinput - pro1products owned by the client
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