• age - an age of the patient.
  • allergic - an allegic of the patient to medicaments.
  • weight - a weight of the patient.
  • diagnosis - an diagnosis made by a doctor.
  • creatinineLevel - one of the medicals factors.
  • creatinineClearance - the second of the medicals factors, that can be calculated with the help of creatinineLevel factor.
  • medication - the name of the drug prescribed by a doctor.
  • dose - the amount of the drug prescribed by a doctor.


  • agecreatinineClearance
  • agedose
  • agemedication
  • allergicmedication
  • diagnosismedication
  • weightcreatinineClearance
  • creatinineLevelcreatinineClearance
  • creatinineLeveldose
  • creatinineClearancedose
  • medicationdose

Original Rules

The following description of system behaviour comes from OpenRules:
Description of system rules
Additionaly the screenshots from the calculation sheet, which contains the rules grupped into tables are also provided:

And the original sheet from OpenRules can be downloaded here


In this example it is possible to distinguish two independent subsystems. One chooses type of medicaments, second sets medicaments dosing. The type of medicaments doesn't influence dosing.

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