Attribute Specification


tAge numeric [0; 150] 0 yes The age of the patients
tAllegics symbolic {penicillin; none} - no The types of allergics of the patients
tWeight numeric [0; 999.99] 2 yes The weight of the patients
tDiagnosis symbolic {AcuteSinusitis} - no The types of diagnosis
tMedications symbolic {Amoxicillin; Cefuroxime; Levofloxacin} - no The names of drugs prescribed by doctor
tCreatinineLevel numeric [0.01, 15.00] 2 yes The type of the medical factor
tCreatinineClearance numeric [-inf, inf] - yes The type of the second medical factor
tDose symbolic {NotKnownYet; 500mgEvery24hoursFor14days; 250mgEvery24hoursFor14days} - no The amount of the drug prescribed by a doctor


age simple tAge input - age an age of the patient
allergic simple tAllergics input - aller an allegic of the patient to medicaments
weight simple tWeight input - weigh a weight of the patient
diagnosis simple tDiagnosis input - diagn an diagnosis made by a doctor
creatinineLevel simple tCreatinineLevel input - creat one of the medicals factors
creatinineClearance simple tCreatinineClearance input/output - crea2 the second of the medicals factors, that can be calculated with the help of creatinineLevel factor
medication simple tMedications input/output - medic the name of the drug prescribed by a doctor
dose simple tDose output - dose the amount of the drug prescribed by a doctor
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