HeKatE Case: Cardio


The system is a simple diagnosis tool. It provides knowledge and rules that help a hypothetical doctor to decide weather a patient has tachycardia or bradycardia, based on his blood pressure, heart rate, and general heart condition. The system also tells which medicaments are supposed to be given to the patient, and based on the patient's response to those medicaments, helps decide on further steps in a treatment.

The case is based on “Guidelines to Cardiopulmonary resuscitation” released by Polish Resuscitation Council (http://www.prc.krakow.pl/wyty/wyt2005.html).

The case was previously described and modeled in “Design and implementation of a runtime environment for the XTT2 rule representation method” master thesis. A decision tree developed in the aforementioned work is accessible here.

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Concepts: symptoms, bradycardia_treatment, tachycardia_treatment, blood_pressure, heart_parameters, qrs_parameter, sinus_rythm, treatment_response

Relations: bradycrdia_treatment → symptoms, tachycardia_treatment → symptoms, symptoms → blood_pressure, symptoms → heart_parameters, symptoms → qrs_parameters, treatment_response → bradycardia_treatment, sinus_rythm → tachycardia_treatment

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Conceptual design

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Attribute Specification

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XTT prototype


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Logical Design

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Formal Analysis

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Physical Design

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