Concepts: symptoms, bradycardia_treatment, tachycardia_treatment, blood_pressure, heart_parameters, qrs_parameter, sinus_rythm, treatment_response

Relations: bradycrdia_treatment → symptoms, tachycardia_treatment → symptoms, symptoms → blood_pressure, symptoms → heart_parameters, symptoms → qrs_parameters, treatment_response → bradycardia_treatment, sinus_rythm → tachycardia_treatment

Original Rules

no code, just decision tree picture. ==== Observations ==== - Many different attributes have influence on the same attribute. - There are two main ways that inference can go: the bradycardia path, and tachycardia path. Those paths are disjoint. - There are decision that depends on patient response to the treatment, which cannot be determined at the beginning of the inference process, such as response to given medicaments - the inference will be dynamic.

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